The Book of Big Startup Ideas (May 2024)


This PDF book presents 40 new real-world problems and 40 business ideas to tackle each of them, carefully selected from our database at

As you turn the pages, you will go on a trip through different kinds of opportunities. The book covers the whole spectrum of entrepreneurial spirit that defines our day, from the tech-savvy inventor dreaming of the next major digital breakthrough to the creative soul striving to express themselves through smaller but unique projects.

You've likely heard the adage that ideas lack value without effective execution. From this perspective, these ideas may appear as mere 'ideas.' Furthermore, some of them might be unfeasible or non-profitable. However, our AI app leverages real economic, business, and market data to generate ideas, ensuring they are grounded and target a specific problem someone faces.

We hope this is a good starting point to inspire you!

But—if you purchased the ebook and didn’t like it: Let us know how to improve and we’ll send you a free copy of the next issue!

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Last updated May 15, 2024

A book in PDF format with 40 AI-crafted, expert-reviewed, illustrated business startup ideas that are based on real-world problems. Links to the original information sources where the AI identified the problems are included.

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The Book of Big Startup Ideas (May 2024)

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